Case Study: Cape Town, South Africa

Global OD Projects 

Keith participated in the International Gestalt Organization & Leadership Development (iGold) program; a 30 person cohort of international consultants, educators and OD practitioners engaged in training, cultural exchange, networking and client support.  Keith worked with a team of consultants to successfully address a variety of change projects.

A group of people sitting around a table with laptops.

Cape Town, South Africa


The Butterfly Art Project is a group of artists, facilitators, local staff and volunteers from around the world who offer psychological and social support to traumatized children and youth from disadvantaged communities. The team met with the Executive Director to discuss a variety of challenges including staff inefficiency, conflict, and cultural differences.

Our intervention surfaced deeper dynamics related to trust in various expressions. We worked with sub-groups on knowledge transfer, communication, feedback-feed forward opportunities. Reconvening as a whole saw a dramatic shift in tone and energy for the group.

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